Sunday, September 27, 2015

Quotes sure to inspire.

As you may have noticed I missed a week of blogging. This is because my anxiety has been the worst it has ever been. While I am not going to go into it, I decided to bring back my Top Pinterest Picks by choosing my top 10 favorite inspirational quotes. Hopefully this will help you put things into perspective (and help me too). 

This Top Pinterest Picks was definitely the hardest for me because I  am a sucker for quotes. I believe that if I read it enough I can start living it and change my life forever. Well this hasn't happened (yet?), but I take a lot of time in choosing my quotes so I love them all. But I challenged myself to narrow it down to 10. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Promoting Your Blog Made Easy| K-Du Jour

Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

I usually wouldn't this kind of post because I am a strong believer in doing something you love; not for the fame and fortune. That being said I know it can sometimes be frustrating. Frusturating in the sense that you may in fact love what you do, but you want to share it with the World. This isn't the easiest thing. Although it is important not to gloat it can be important to self promote and here are some ways that will make it easier.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Favorites| K-Du Jour

I have been having a bad day today. As you may know I have pretty bad anxiety and that spans throughout the whole summer worrying of losing time and that school will eventually reign down its terror once again. You may be thinking this does not sound like a favorites post, but my mom has told me "Don't dwell on the negative, think about the positive." It sounds easy enough, but instead I find myself pretending to be positive on the outside (most days)and inside, conjuring up every possible scenario that could go wrong. So I am trying very hard with this and decided to do a post about my favorites even though I feel like...

Anyway, I did one of these before for April, but there has been such a huge gap that I am just calling it my favorites because there is not a clear month it all belongs to.